A Hendersonville NC Wedding | Zac & Alyssa

Zac and Alyssa met in 2014 through Zac’s cousin and Alyssa’s close college friend Marina. Zac texted Marina one evening to see if Alyssa was single which set the whole family in motion, scheming about how to get the two of them together. During Marina’s toast at the reception, she said that her family was trying to sell Zac to Alyssa by saying things like, “Did you know Zac can run a 5 Minute Mile? Did you know he has the cutest beagle named Peyton? Did you know that he also wants to coach baseball after he graduates?” Zac’s grandmother just started giving Alyssa pictures of Zac and his dog haha. Apparently the scheme worked! Zac and Alyssa fell in love and rest is history!

When we heard that Zac and Alyssa were having a February wedding in the North Carolina mountains, I was expecting it to be cold. I was wrong! The weather turned out to be an unbelievable 75 degrees and sunny in the middle of the winter! So rather than snow capped mountains, we got weather that was fitting of a trip to the beach. Champion Hills Country Club is perched atop a mountain with a stunning view of the Appalachian foothills that stretch out in the valley below. It was the perfect spot where both the ceremony and reception could happen on the same property! I love it when everything happens at the same venue. It always allows guests to relax, take in the scenery and spend a lot of quality time together!

Zac and Alyssa, thanks so much for allowing us to be there to tell your story. It’s always so beautiful to watch two people become one, especially when those two people were so clearly made for each other. The way you love and support each other is truly a beautiful thing and I’m so excited for you to enjoy that for the rest of your lives 🙂



photographer | WILLIAM AVERY
florist | BUY THE BUNCH

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