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Pure Luxe Bride | Charleston Wedding Planner

(Francesca & Blake, Planners at Pure Luxe Bride)

Last fall we filmed a wedding venue tour for the beautiful Magnolia Plantation. That same day there just so happened to be a wedding taking place. As luck would have it we ran into Francesca & Blake from Pure Luxe Bride!

Getting to see them in action on a wedding day was remarkable. There was so much buzz and energy around the venue. Once the reception location was set and ready to go it looked extraordinary. As outsiders looking in, we could tell how much thought, energy and preparation went into this day.

Brides, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right wedding planner for your day. There are so many options out there! But one of my favorite quotes from our Q&A with Francesca was this:


“Whether you choose us or another wedding planner for your wedding, find a planner who is focused on your vision and budget; not theirs.”


Francesca & Blake are people you can trust wholeheartedly to execute your wedding day just as you’ve always dreamed! Personable, professional, and hard-working are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about this team. It’s not by accident that time and time again they produce excellent, stunning weddings…and ultimately, happy brides!

We did a short Q&A with Francesca to let you get to know her and Blake and little bit more! Also, don’t forget to check out a few snapshots of their work in the images below 🙂

Q & A

Tell us a little about you and Pure Luxe Bride!

A decade in the books and more than 200 luxury weddings completed, Pure Luxe Bride continues to celebrate our creatively luxurious and elaborate wedding planning adventures. Wow, how the time flies! The brides and grooms we have met and all the weddings we have planned have reminded us why we love what we do. I [Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer] founded Pure Luxe Bride in 2009. In 2013, Blake Bush joined my Pure Luxe Bride team and has exceeded in organization and efficiency. Her enthusiasm is contagious! We love what we do.

What made you want to become a wedding planner?

My passion for event design and management were cultivated at an early age. I grew up in Pennsylvania and I am a daughter of a restaurateur, so I guess you could say I was bound to have an eye for creativity and a fast-paced, client-first attitude. With each wedding, I feel so privileged to have been chosen to be part of a very important day in somebody’s life. It is hard to say if there is a feeling comparable to seeing a big, thankful smile on the bride and groom’s face when they have enjoyed their wedding that Pure Luxe Bride has planned.

How would you describe your style of planning/event design?

Our Pure Luxe Bride team is a full service and event design company. Blake and I have become Charleston’s go-to for everything wedding related company that allows clients to have fun during an otherwise stressful planning process. We pair each couple with the best vendors for their style, create and manage the budget, and become their design guru and logistic masters! We emphasize honesty from start to finish when it comes to the client’s budget and vision. Ultimately, we want the bride and groom to sit back and relax. Our planning process encompasses hotel blocks, discounts, and everything in between. In regards to event design, we strive for authenticity. None of our designs are copied. We want the big day to be specific and special for the newlyweds.

What is the best part of your job?

Where do I even begin? First and foremost, I have one of the best team members in the business. Working with Blake enhances my job in the best ways possible. She brings so much organization and creativity to Pure Luxe Bride. Blake and I both love how each day, each client, and each moment is a new experience in the wedding planning business. No wedding is ever the same. It’s such a privilege to build trust with the clients and for them to allow us to hold the responsibility for their big day. It’s a trust fall and it’s so exciting to watch it all unfold.

What do you like to do when you’re away from work?

Mani & Pedi – for sure! Wedding planning can be very exciting, but very challenging. I like to find time to calm my mind and take it all in. Give me a relaxing day and a nice bottle of champagne and I’m one happy girl.

As a bride, what are some of the easiest/most common things to forget when
planning a wedding?

More than likely, people who aren’t familiar with event planning don’t realize the complexity of all the little pieces that are needed to put on an event, especially a wedding. A few things that seem to be often forgotten: Save the Dates, attire for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and guest lists. It’s imperative to send guests the dates so they can plan ahead; to confirm the colors and styles for dress attire; and keep the guest list up-to-date. Fortunately, Blake and I are on top of our A game. We kindly keep our brides and grooms in check to stay on our important timeline so they check the necessary boxes. We offer an
online software for the bride, groom, and their families to add names and addresses to the guest list when needed. It helps get all the mailing information and stay up-to-date on who will be attending the wedding. Also, we continue to add Wedding Tips on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on the Pure Luxe Bride website that brides and grooms can access and check.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer bride looking for a wedding

Come to Pure Luxe Bride! Are we allowed to say that? In all seriousness, whether you choose us or another wedding planner for your wedding, find a planner who is focused on your vision and budget; not theirs. Unfortunately, some planners are business-focused and less client-focused. This is your big day; not the planner’s. Look up reviews and testimonials on the wedding planner. Seek a planner who has a wealth of experience, fits your budget, and has proven to be a trusted, reliable planning source. After all, it’s one of your biggest days. Don’t settle for less. Plan smarter; not harder.




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