The Wedding Film Experience Guide

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At the end of last year, Matthew and I sat down and re-evaluated our client experience. Now some of you might immediately know what I mean by client experience, and others may be scratching your head. We consider our “client experience” to be the time from when a couple first contacts us to when we deliver their film. For most of our couples their experience lasts an entire year! Client experience is not just a period of time, but it’s the way we care for and serve our clients during that time.

For most of our couples this is the first time they’ve ever planned a wedding, so we try to put ourselves in our their shoes (because we were there once, too) and give them all the information about what makes a great wedding film. So as we were thinking through the journey that each of our couples take with us, one idea that came out of that brainstorm was the Wedding Film Experience Guide.

A way to say “thank you!”

After booking with us our couples receive a Wedding Film Experience Guide in their mailbox as a thank you gift! We want to show our couples how much we appreciate them for choosing us (out of all the videographers out there) to film their wedding. It’s a big deal when a couple trusts you enough to capture their story and their day, and we want to recognize that!

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A way to explain what makes a great wedding film!

I think it’s safe to say that couples who contact us have already watched our films online and like what they see. At that point they reach out to inquire about our availability and pricing. And I think it’s also reasonable to assume that couples who book with us expect to receive a wedding film much like the other films they have seen on our website.

In order to make that happen, there is some intentional planning that goes into a wedding day. The Wedding Film Experience Guide helps walk our couples through what makes a great wedding film, our storytelling process, and things to consider planning into their day.

For example, we love to use different sources of audio to drive a wedding film. Takes a film from being good to great! We encourage our couples to consider including toasts at the reception, or reading letters to each other. This might seem like a small detail, but things like this are what allow us to craft a meaningful story.

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A way to help our couples get the most out of their experience with us!

Our couples are investing a lot into their film. We want to help them maximize their investment and get the most out of their experience with us.

When we film your wedding we don’t just like to show up on the wedding day, film your day and then send you your film and say, “Hope you like it!” We have a very personalized approach to our business and work hard to build relationships with our couples. Creating a wedding film that is personalized to each couple’s story takes a team effort, but it’s so worth it in the end!

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So if you’re a wedding filmmaker, consider putting yourself in your couples shoes. How can you best love and serve them well? How can you say thank you? What’s the best way you can communicate what makes a great film, so they get the film they always dreamed of? Clear communication is so important in your relationship with your clients!

And if you’re one of our couples, your Wedding Film Experience Guides are in the mail and making their way to you right now! We can’t wait to partner with you to tell your story 🙂

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