William Aiken House | Charleston Wedding Venue

We love the William Aiken House for many reasons! One being that it’s large enough to host both your ceremony and reception. We love weddings where the ceremony and reception are close together, or better yet, at the same venue!

When your ceremony and reception are close together or at the same venue, it helps cut down on scheduling unknowns. When you have a long commute there’s always the added chance for traffic or other unknowns. Being close together allows us to film more footage, and for you to receive more footage for your final film and documentary edit!

When you’re looking for your wedding venue, travel time between venues is a key aspect to consider!

About The House

During our trip to Charleston we visited the William Aiken House! If you’re looking for a downtown Charleston wedding venue this one checks all the boxes! The 1800’s mansion is complete with a picturesque courtyard setting right off the hustle and bustle of King Street.

The William Aiken House was the continued effort of the Patrick family’s commitment to invest in the revitalization of upper King Street in 2001.  After the 18 month renovation, the historic home was brought back to life!

You’ll notice a tree right in the center of the courtyard. This tree just so happens to be the largest and oldest Japanese Yew tree in the United States. A pretty unique feature for a downtown Charleston wedding venue!

Booking William Aiken House

The William Aiken house has quickly became the premier location for special events in Charleston. If you’re interested in booking your wedding here, you’ll need to do so at least one year in advance!

If you’re looking for a videographer for your wedding, make sure you contact us to see if we’re available for your date!

Happy wedding planning!