5 Creative Alternatives For Your Wedding Guest Book

The traditional signing of the wedding guest book is becoming a thing of the past. I know for my parents they couldn’t tell you where their guest book is now. Most likely it’s in a box in the attic or collecting dust on a bookshelf. Nowadays, we find that couples want a more practical reminder of their day or something that adds some kind of future value. While maybe the signing of a book is a little old fashion the sentiment of wanting to remember the day is still a big deal. Here are just 5 creative alternatives we’ve seen couples do that their guests love and that help them remember their special day!

1. The Remembering Tree

Wedding guest book alternative sign pieces of paper in a potted plant or tree

I love this idea! Tie pieces of paper to a potted tree and have your guests sign each piece of paper. Once you return from your honeymoon plant the tree in your yard to be a constant, physical reminder of your special day and all your loved ones who were there to celebrate with you. Don’t have a yard to plant a tree yet? Choose a smaller, indoor plant or plant your tree at a nearby park.

2. A Huge Group Photo

Wedding guest book alternative wedding group photo

One of our friends chose to have their photographer take one huge group photo of everyone at their wedding. I thought this was such a great idea to have this picture to be able to see people’s faces and even what they were wearing rather than just a scribbled signature. It’s something so practical that will be a keepsake forever.

3. Jar of Date Ideas

Wedding guest book alternative jar of date ideas

This alternative to the wedding guest book is so fun and adds tremendous future value to you and your spouse. Have your guests write down date night ideas on wooden sticks and place them in a jar. When you’re ready for a date randomly select a stick from the jar and then do that date. Make sure to have them sign their name on the other side so once you go on their date you can shoot them a quick thank you text. For a challenge, try to complete all the date ideas within your first year of marriage!

4. Resin Coated Serving Tray

Wedding guest book alternative resin coated serving tray

If you really love the idea of having your guests sign something have them sign something practical. Have your guests sign a serving tray and then afterwards coat it with clear resin to preserve the signatures. Now it’s something you can use in your every day lives and when you pull it to use it you can be reminded of your wedding day!

5. Large Wooden Letter or Sign

Wedding guest book alternative large wooden sign

This is what Matthew and I opted to do for our wedding guest book. We had our guests sign a large wooden board that had our initials painted on it. As soon as we moved into our apartment we hung it up near our kitchen table. It was so fun going back and looking at all the people who attended and reading their sweet notes of encouragement. This was our favorite “gift” from our wedding of all!

Happy planning, friends!


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