My Top 3 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Coming up with good groomsmen gift ideas can be difficult, even for the most accomplished gift buyer! You want to get the perfect gift that will let the guys know how much you appreciate them, without blowing your budget to shreds. The right gift is hard to find, so I wanted to do my best to help you out. You’ll even see that I included the gift that I bought for my groomsmen when I got married a couple of years ago. Without further ado, here’s the list:


#1. Custom Initialed Leather Dopp Kit

Beautiful leather dopp kit for men. The perfect groomsmen gift!

I probably love this idea so much because this is what Mer and I got my groomsmen. There is something so timeless about things made of real sturdy leather! I also love that this is so practical for every day life. You could get the traditional personalized flask, but let’s be real; it’s likely that after the wedding, that thing will be stowed away never to be seen again. Two and a half years later, I still see my friends and family using their dopp kits when we travel together! It’s a neat reminder of the wedding day that will last for a long time! Check out these kits on Portland Leather’s Etsy Store.


#2. Shave Kit

Groomsmen shave kit in rustic wooden box

If you’re a guy who wants to do something a little less traditional, check out these custom shave kits from Cardinham Killigrew on Etsy. The boxes have a distressed, vintage look with a unique cloth lining inside the lid. I love that these boxes are a practical gift with just enough whimsy to make it fun. The set of six boxes includes: shave balm, shave cream soap, razor, shave brush, shave bowl, shave guide and free monograms for each box.


#3. Custom Watches

Groomsmen custom wooden watches

The final item on the gift list is this amazing, affordable, custom watch that I found on Etsy. If your bridal party includes guys who love watches, this gift is sure to be a crowd pleaser! You can customize these watches with the initials of everyone in your bridal party. Check out these watches and customize your own on Badger Watch’s Etsy page.

You really can’t go wrong with any unique custom gift. I always recommend keeping it practical and affordable! Your gift doesn’t have to be hundreds of dollars to be something that your groomsmen will value and use for years to come. Like your wedding film, it’s always good to have little reminders of your day in your life. These little tokens have the power to bring those memories back to the forefront of your mind. Do you have any other groomsmen gift ideas? Let me know in the comment’s section below.

Happy gift hunting!