Chris Isham Photography | Our New Photoshoot

Chris Isham Photoshoot

Mer and I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with Chris Isham Photography for our new business headshots. Chris is a Fine Art film photographer and I love the look and feel of his images. Shooting on film makes everything feel so organic and natural; which is exactly how we want our films to feel!

For the photoshoot, we took a trip outside of Greenville to Sassafras Mountain which is located about a mile from the North Carolina border. The location was so beautiful and the time of day perfect as the golden hour sun softly lit the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains. I love being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life to enjoy the peaceful silence of a new place. The terrain was delightfully rugged and a warm breeze rustled the picturesque tall grass that lined the trails. If you’re looking for a good spot to take your engagement photos, definitely consider Sassafras Mountain at sunset. I don’t think you’ll find a more perfect place!

One of the things we love about what we do is the opportunity to work with amazing artists! Chris shoots on film which makes his images look so unique! Digital photos can be harsh when it comes to the bright parts of the image, but film is much softer. As Chris explained to me, film captures detail even in the brightest skies. I love the soft and dreamy look in the skies and background areas of the image. The film look is difficult to describe, but you can definitely feel it when you see it. We are so excited about the photos and are thankful that we got to work with Chris! Be sure to check out Chris Isham Photography on his website and on the many blogs that have featured his work.

Chris Isham PhotoshootChris Isham PhotoshootChris Isham PhotoshootChris Isham PhotoshootChris Isham PhotoshootChris Isham Photoshoot