Meet My Wife, Mer



Hey friends, I’m Meredith—Matt’s wife!

We have some exciting news! (No, I’m not pregnant lol)

I recently transitioned from working my full-time job so that I can work with Matt Rouse Films! *party dance* It’s been a long-time dream of ours to work together as a husband and wife team and now we’re finally able to do that!

I’m not going to lie it’s a bit scary taking that first step of faith, but we both believe this is the best move for us and our business. Let’s be honest, there are some days where we feel like we have no idea what we’re doing, but it’s so fun to blaze our own trail and figure it out together.

I’ve watched Matthew work tirelessly on his business for the last 5 years. Side note: I have always called him Matthew instead of Matt even though he goes by both! 🙂 Throughout the years there were many late nights, tight deadlines, and all day shoots that tested his resolve to see if this was really something he wanted to do as a career. It’s become obvious to both of us this was not just another job for Matthew, but something he felt the Lord had created him to do. (Smiling so big because I’m such a proud wifey!)

So what will I be helping with you might ask? Anything and everything from communicating with clients, keeping our content on our blog and social media up-to-date and eventually learning how to film! I also have a passion for organization and following efficient processes that free us up to do our best work and that help us serve our clients.

Matthew and I both share the same vision for Matt Rouse Films that it would not just be another business that makes some cool videos, but that it would allow us to genuinely care, serve, and love the people the Lord brings our way.

We’re both SO excited (if you can’t already tell 😉 ) and can’t wait to embark on this new journey together!

Thanks for reading!