Florence Country Club Wedding | Weber & Brittany

We’ve been so excited to get to share this wedding with you! Weber & Brittany’s Christmas themed wedding in December was so fun! As we left our house to drive to Florence it started snowing and we knew this was going to be one for the books. It didn’t end up snowing for the wedding, but man that would have been so cool!

When we arrived to our hotel room, Weber & Brittany had arranged a gift of gourmet popcorn, candy and a Christmas ornament with our name on it! It was clear from the beginning Weber and Brittany were great hosts and they showed their wedding guests that same generosity and kindness.

rehearsal dinner toasts

We actually got to go down the night before the wedding and capture Weber & Brittany’s rehearsal dinner, too! Despite the cold everyone huddled together on the porch of Weber’s uncle & aunt’s beautiful southern home as the cold rain fell all around us. It was the perfect setting for the heartfelt toasts that followed.

I loved hearing the story of how Brittany & Weber met, fell in love and got engaged. Weber proposed in the middle of Hurricane Matthew (which to me sounds amazing)! Not many people can say that they were proposed to in the middle of a Category 5 storm! But most importantly, during the toasts we heard about how Weber & Brittany’s relationship has impacted those around them. One of Brittany’s bridesmaids said, “Brittany & Weber have been teaching all of us how to love, respect and show true partnership to each other.”  This becomes so evident when you spend just a little time with Weber & Brittany.

their first look

One of my favorite locations of the day was this little alleyway behind Hotel Florence! Weber & Brittany had their first look there amongst the ivy covered walls as Christmas music filled the misty air. We love first looks and the pure joy that’s experienced when the bride and groom see each other for the first time! You can see that in Weber’s smile when he turns around to see his bride for the first time.

After wrapping up a fun evening at Florence Country Club I heard Brittany exclaim, “Small town, big wedding!” And I can’t think of a better way to sum up their day!

Weber & Brittany, we are so excited for you as you begin this journey together! Your relationship has already impacted those around you and we know your marriage is going to impact even more people. We are so honored that we got to be there at the beginning!

photographer | RACH LOVES TROY

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