Creating An Office Space We Love

Having an office space you enjoy is essential when working from home! We spend at least 8 hours of our work day in our office. That adds up over the months and years!

We know from experience the environment you work in can easily dictate your mood and impact your work. Before we added furniture, wall decor, shelving, etc. everything was scattered and it felt so chaotic. We needed a change, so we wanted to invite you in on the beginnings of our office update journey!

Vision For Our Office Space

Empty Room Videographer Office Space

We came up with this vision/hope for our office space:

1. We wanted a space that inspires creativity.

I’m learning how important it is for a filmmaker to have a space that gives life to their work. All of the videos we create are bright and happy and we want a space that reflects that. You naturally adapt to your environment and we want to do everything we can to cultivate beautiful work for our clients. This small change can lead to big results!

2. We wanted a functional space.

You would be surprised how much video equipment it takes to film one wedding! Having proper storage for all our equipment is key for us. When you’re surrounded by clutter it can wear on you after a while. One of the best investments we made was in some industrial shelving in our office closet. Everything has a spot and it makes it possible to keep the office clean and clutter free.

3. We wanted a space to virtually meet our clients.

After a couple books with us, we normally schedule some kind of meet up (wether in person for coffee or virtually online). This helps us get to know each other! Matt and I have also talked about doing some educational Facebook Live videos in the future. Needless to say, having a professional looking setting is key for both of these!

What We Did

First, we installed some industrial hardware shelving. This is not the most glamorous picture, but it’s truly a life saver when it comes to organization.

Closet Videographer Office Space

Second, we got some awesome furniture and decor from IKEA! I (Mer) had never been to IKEA before…it was amazing!

Furniture Videographer Office Space

Third, we installed shiplap for an accent wall! What a difference some boards and a little bit of paint can make. Mer’s parents came down for the weekend to help us make this happen! We really couldn’t have done it without them.

Final Room Videographer Office Space

Side note: If you’re thinking about putting up shiplap in your home, let us know! We can give you all the tips & tricks we learned along the way.


Our office has easily become one of our favorite spots in our home now. We still have a ways to go, but it feels so good to be making progress.

We love sharing our space and giving people a behind the scenes look into our real life. It’s fun to give our y’all a look into where we work and where we edit our couple’s beautiful wedding films.

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