Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue Tour

Ok, friends! If you don’t already know about Hotel Domestique wedding venue you’re going to be so glad that you do after this!

This is definitely one of the most luxurious, all-inclusive wedding venues in South Carolina! Not only is the hotel beautiful and has so much to offer, but the staff are amazing and so friendly! We got to meet Hotel Domestique’s wedding coordinator, Sarah Pannell. She was so kind to answer some questions about the property!

Some basic knowledge about this venue is that it’s nestled in the foothills of the mountains in Travelers Rest, SC. The hotel itself has 13 rooms, a full service restaurant and bar. Other amenities include a salt water pool, yoga classes, and on property massages. I could go on, but I’ll let Sarah tell you all the amazing things it has to offer in the Q&A below!

One thing you should know about me (Mer) is that I love getting straight to the point. So, I’m going to skip to the absolute best part about this venue first! See Sarah’s response to this question…

What’s the most interesting fact about Hotel Domestique?

Well that is a tough question to answer because there is so much, but when it comes to weddings I will say this… So often we plan these incredible weddings (myself included because I was a bride once) and we invite all the people we love and care about to share one space for an evening. Sometimes this could be family and friends that you have not seen in years or family and friends that have never met each other but to have them for only a short evening can feel wasteful. What I love about our property and I believe a lot of our clients can attest to this, is that instead of spending a short time with family and friends you get them for the weekend in an intimate setting! When the hotel is bought out for the weekend the family literally takes over! Grandma and Grandpa have coffee in their robes in the hotel lobby while the kids play board games, and all of a sudden it becomes a family reunion and not just a wedding. Weddings fly by and sometimes they leave you missing your people, our property allows for more time with the ones you love. 


I’m already wishing Matt and I could go back in time and have a venue like this! It’s likely that everyone at your wedding will never be in the same room together again. Making the MOST of that time together is vital.

But that’s just one aspect about what makes this venue unique. Keep reading for all the details you’ll want to know about booking with Hotel Domestique!

1. How did Hotel Domestique get started as a wedding venue?

Magazines Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

It’s a beautiful spot for a union, with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the backdrop and luxury accommodations that people started inquiring about weddings years ago, but at the time the focus was not on events for the property but more for transient business. However now, we have shifted gears and largely encourage events. 2018 will be our biggest year for weddings yet!

2. How far in advance should a bride reserve Hotel Domestique?

Dinner Table Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

Ideally between 6-12 months. Mostly, so we can allow enough time for all the polishing of details before the event.

3. What is included when a couple books your venue?

Bedroom Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

We require that all 13 rooms are rented for a minimum of two nights for wedding groups 50 or larger. Once the hotel is rented there are no facility fee’s to use the space for all your wedding events like the rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception. Breakfast is also included for all hotel guests each morning. Then we offer a base wedding package that includes all catering, and set up and break down of the event. In addition, we offer multiple beverage packages to suit the specific wants of each bride and groom.

4. What unique services do you offer your couples?

Food Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

We are a seasonal and local inspired restaurant which spills over in to our catering. Guests attending weddings here at Hotel Domestique can expect to enjoy food from all the local farms prepared by exceptional chefs. This really takes dining at a wedding to the next level! We have some al carte services we offer as well like massage and yoga. We are surrounded by all kinds of outdoor adventure like hiking, biking, zip lining and kayaking; not to mention being centrally located between two great cities, Greenville and Asheville.

5. How do you help clients customize their service?

Champagne Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

Generally, we meet with the clients multiple times and have ongoing email/phone dialog throughout the process leading up to their wedding day. We are always customizing the wants and needs of each bride and groom up to 2 weeks before their event. We really allow and respect the vision of the bride to come though when designing her wedding and every detail creates a totally different look than the next.

6. What is the best advice you can give to a bride?

Outside Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

Deep breaths. Throwing a grand party for 100’s of guests is not the easiest of tasks especially if you don’t have hospitality/event planning experience. It is a full time job! Do yourself a favor and hire a professional planner. I believe that is the single most important investment you can make in your wedding planning. The bride deserves to enjoy this process from start to finish, but often times that is not the case and it is simply because they took it on themselves.

7. What do you love most about what you do?

Window Hotel Domestique Wedding Venue

The best reward is being a witness to each love story and watching the hard work and dedication of each bride and groom come to a successful close. No matter how many weddings I have seen I still tear up watching the first dance. There is nothing better than a celebration in the name of love and to take part in that over and over again is a blessing I do not take for granted!


If you’re sold and want to book with Hotel Domestique you can contact their wedding coordinator, Sarah Pannell, at or by phone at (864) 516-1715. You can also visit their website to get more information!


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