The Top 4 Tips For An Awesome Wedding Film


Hey Friends!

I wanted to share the inside scoop with you about how to help make your wedding film the best that it can be! Let’s get started!

  1. Let friends and family share toasts. The most important part of any wedding video is the audio we are able to capture. It is what drives the story line for any video. Having your closest family and friends share meaningful memories will be so precious to you down the road. Their thoughts and feelings about you and your spouse helps to paint a picture of that moment in time and makes the difference between a normal wedding video and an heirloom wedding film. I always recommend having toasts by the father of the bride, best man and maid of honor. I promise you won’t regret it!  At the very least, have us come film the toasts are the rehearsal dinner 🙂
  2. Plan 15 minutes for creative video “portrait” session. Video portrait sessions are my favorite! We take the couple outside and get some creative shots of them walking, holding hands, looking at each other, etc. It’s very similar to what the photographer might do, but in motion! It really elevates the story! For example, if we use audio from a toast saying, “John and Jane are just so perfect for each other”, we would overlay a shot of the couple walking in slow motion and looking up at each other. It simply communicates visually what the person making the toast is communicating audibly.
  3. Natural Light. Natural light is probably the most important factor in a wedding video. Especially make sure to have big windows at the bride prep location 🙂 You can check out our full blog post on the subject here.
  4. Get sparklers for your exit. By the time you are ready to exit, it’s almost always dark outside. The best way we’ve found to light it up is with sparklers. It is the closest thing to natural light and eliminates the need to have additional artificial light.

I hope these are helpful! If you have other thoughts or ideas, comment below and let us know.

Happy planning!