How Audio Makes or Breaks A Wedding Film

I’ve always been of the opinion that wedding filmmaking is at it’s best when cinematic visuals meet strong audio. Without audio, all you really have is a moving picture. The thing that really sets filmmaking apart from photography is the ability to hear as well as see your wedding day.

Audio helps you to connect emotionally to what you are seeing visually. With audio, we can create the fullest emotional memory of your day. A film without audio makes a memory of what your day looked like, but when you hear yourself reading letters to each other about how you are feeling the morning of your wedding or your Dad giving a toast telling you how much he loves your new husband, you are creating an emotional memory!

It’s going to be really sweet for Mer and I to watch our wedding video years down the road and be able to hear the promises we made to each other and hear the toasts from her dad, matron-of-honor and my dad. That stuff is so special and will make our wedding video an heirloom rather than just a music video.

We use audio in an intentional way to weave a narrative that tells your story. We believe that a well-told story focuses on people first and places second. Audio helps us put the focus on you. You are what the wedding film is really all about!

These are our top five sources for audio that you should consider scheduling into your wedding day:

  1. Toasts at the Reception – This is probably my favorite source of audio. There is always strong backstory in what the Father of the Bride has to say and usually some pretty funny jabs at the groom 🙂
  2. Personal Letters – This is something we started doing last year! I love it when the Bride and Groom write each other letters and read them on camera. This is the perfect insider look into your story and really helps connect you to the visuals.
  3. Toasts at the Rehearsal – The toasts at the rehearsal are always hilarious and more laid back than at the reception. This is a good option if you decide not to have toasts at your reception.
  4. Personal Vows – We are big believers in traditional vows and the importance of the commitment in those words. However, personal vows spoken before traditional vows can really add unique narrative to the story.
  5. Natural Audio – And of course, we will be capturing natural audio over the course of the day that we will sprinkle throughout the video.

These are just a few tips to help make your wedding story as amazing as it can be! Feel free to reach out to me here if you have any questions.