To Drone Or Not To Drone?


To Drone Or Not To Drone? That Is The Question.

Of course, the answer is always to drone! This year, we are finally droning! Not in the sense of a long boring speech [don’t worry we won’t give a toast at your wedding :)], but in the sense of aerial film!

Times are changing quickly in the wedding videography industry. It’s pretty crazy that just a few years ago, filmmakers wouldn’t have even dreamed that they would be able to get aerial shots at weddings. Now, its as simple as turning your drone on and taking flight 🙂

I wanted to make sure that we were official when it comes to drone use, so I was actually lucky enough to get my drone pilots license from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) right when it came out last fall.

I can’t wait to fly at all of our weddings this year! Even just a couple of shots from a drone can make your film look so much more amazing. I wanted to outline 3 reasons why drone shots are important in telling your wedding story.

  1. It Establishes A Scene. One of the key elements of cinematography is establishing the location where the scene is taking place. If you watch any great film you’ll notice that a scene will start with a wide shot showing the area, weather, time of day, etc.
  2. It Communicates The Significance Of What Is Happening. In cinematography, it’s important to think about what a certain shot is communicating. A close-up communicates the importance of what that character is saying or experiencing at key points in a movie. The sweeping beauty of the way a drone captures a landscape can help to establish the significance of what happens during a wedding.
  3. A New Angle Of Something You Wouldn’t See Otherwise. I know for Mer and I, our wedding was a blur and we missed some of the details. Luckily in our wedding film, we are able to experience the things we couldn’t see during the day. We are all about capturing your wedding from unique angles. A drone shot captures a view that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise!

Check out a few of our favorite drone shots from this year in the video at the top of this post! And for more of our work, check out some of our wedding films at this link 🙂

Happy planning!