Huguenot Loft Wedding Venue | Greenville SC

There are many beautiful places to get married in Greenville, SC, but one of our favorites is Huguenot Mill and Loft wedding venue. And I think you’ll quickly see why! The interior design includes exposed brick, rustic hardwood floors, large windows, wooden ceiling beams and an open floor plan. This space is modern and versatile so that you can truly transform this it to fit any style wedding.

We got to talk with Chelsey Cox, Huguenot Loft’s events coordinator and asked some questions about the wedding venue. Read about what makes this place so unique and watch the venue tour we created to see how beautiful this space really is!


How did Huguenot Loft get started as a wedding venue?

The Huguenot Mill was built in 1882 and was originally a textile mill. When the Peace Center was built in 1990, the Huguenot Mill was restored and incorporated into the complex as office space.  The Huguenot Loft, located on the second level of the Huguenot Mill, became an event space in 2011 and has since been the backdrop to hundreds of beautiful weddings overlooking the Reedy River.

What is the best advice you can give to a bride?

I think our biggest piece of advice to couples who are venue shopping is to figure out what details and aspects of your special day are most important to you. Knowing what are must-haves and how they fit within your budget will help you tremendously in selecting a venue and vendors, and also in determining event details. For some clients, having a seat for every guest is very important and they are willing to have a smaller guest count to achieve that – for other clients, it may be that décor takes precedence and they will scale back to a beer & wine bar to add to their floral budget. If you have a specific vision or a list of must-haves, let us know, and we’ll be happy to discuss how that might work in the Loft!

How far in advance should a bride reserve your venue space?

Many of our wedding clients begin booking about a year in advance, especially during peak wedding months like April. Since we do not hold dates, booking opportunities are first come-first serve – if you are interested in the space for your event, we suggest scheduling an appointment as soon as you are able!

What’s one interesting fact about Huguenot Loft wedding venue?

There is a steel fire door, original to the building, that has been mounted between the two rooms of the Loft. One side of this door is a popular cake table location for weddings, and the other side works great for place cards, photos, etc. because it is actually magnetic. We have had some clients make some of their own custom magnets to hold photos, etc. in place.

What makes Huguenot Loft unique?

We are definitely biased 😉 , but we think the location along the Reedy River and access to Falls Park makes the Huguenot Loft very special. On beautiful (and even on not so beautiful) days, the building and surrounding area makes for lovely photos!

What do you love most about what you do?

Our favorite part of our jobs is the opportunity to work with some truly wonderful clients and being part of their special occasions.  We love being a part of the team of vendors helping their vision become reality!


Want to contact Huguenot Loft to talk about your wedding? Visit their website here!


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