Top 3 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

If you were like me (Mer), you’ve probably already been thinking about and Googling bridesmaid gift ideas. Finding the perfect gift for your bridesmaids can be tough. You want to show them how much you appreciate them without breaking the bank. The good news is that showing them how much they mean to you can be affordable and not sacrifice quality!

I hope these bridesmaid gift ideas will help get you thinking in the right direction. The key to any good gift is that it’s personal & practical. Here are some questions to think through on how to choose the right gift:

  • How can I personalize each gift to make my bridesmaids feel loved?
  • What inside jokes or memories could I incorporate into my gift?
  • What is something she can use in everyday life that will last beyond today?

There’s no right or wrong gift. The goal is simply to let them know how loved and appreciated they are. Enjoy the process of showing them some love!

1. Personalized Tote or Makeup Bag

Bridesmaid gift ideas personalized tote bag Bridesmaid gift ideas personalized makeup bag

Adding the personal touch of your bridesmaid’s name or initials is always a win. Any kind of practical gift like a tote or makeup bag will last long past the wedding day. Every time your bridesmaid uses her bag, it will be a sweet reminder of your friendship and memories made on your wedding day. Another reason I love this idea is that there is no limit on customization. You can stuff as many goodies as possible in there: makeup, a note from you, their favorite candy, a picture of the two of you, etc.

If you give your gifts to your bridesmaids before the wedding day, this could also be an easy way for everyone to differentiate whose bag is whose. Trust me, there can never be too much organization with 5-10 ladies getting wedding ready in the same place and the same time. You can find this personalized tote and makeup bag on Etsy. Both have amazing reviews so you can know you’re getting a quality gift.


2. Artisan Gift Box

Bridesmaid gift ideas: wooden box with plant, candle, perfume, and champagne glass

Gift boxes like these are always solid options! If you have a short engagement or have put off buying bridesmaids gifts until the last minute, this is a quick and quality option. This is just one of hundreds of boxes to pick from. You could even order a different one for each bridesmaid or build your own as a way to customize your gift in a short amount of time. Another way to add personalization to this gift is once they arrive to your house, go ahead and open them. Add a personal note or their favorite candy inside. You can find this particular box here at Box & Bow or search many other artisan gift boxes at Teak & Twine and Marigold & Grey.


3. Lace Bridal Robes

Bridesmaids gift ideas lace bridal robes

This is one of my favorite ideas! Some of the most fun memories I have with friends is getting ready to go somewhere together. Right before the ceremony is a special time for you and your bridesmaids. Many memories, laughs and pictures happen while you’re getting ready. Most likely your videographer and photographer will be there too so having coordinating robes makes your film and pictures look so elegant. You can find these beautiful lace bridal robes here! This is definitely a gift that will be cherished and used well past your wedding day.

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